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Fanvil H5

Unit Price:€ 99


Fanvil H5 H3
       1 SIP Line
       3,5” Color Screen (Custom LCD display text and logo)
       LED light
       Handset / Hands-free mode
       Intelligent DSS Keys (speed dial key)
       USB Port x1: Standard A, Only used for mobile phone charging
       Keypad: 26 keys, including 6 DSS Key, 4 Function keys (Hold, Call Transfer, Redial, MWI), 12 Standard Phone Digits keys, 3 Volume Control keys, Lower/Increase/Mute (Microphone), 1 Hands-free
       Support for fast ethernet - adaptive 10/100mbps network port
       Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)
       Optional External Power Supply
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