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Your VoIP Solution according the Product Technology


recommends you the three following boxes integrating several fonctions like router, WLAN, DECT and small PBX in one box. All these 3 boxes work at least with VoIP as well as with ISDN network.
FRITZ!Box 7390
-> 3 channels
How it works - FRITZ!Box 7390
The FRITZ!Box 7390 is the ideal box including all first needs like modem, router, WLAN, DECT base and basic PBX fonctions. You can connect analog or ISDN phones as well as DECT phones. 3 current calls are possible. Easy configuration in multilangages.
Gigaset DX 800A
-> 4 channels
How it works - Gigaset DX 800A
The Gigaset DX 800A the perfect communication box for small companies. You can connect analog, ISDN or VoIP lines and you can do till 4 simultaneous calls (2 ISDN/analogic + 2 VoIP). 6 DECT telephone devices can be connected. 3 Voicemails.
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Pulsar 100, Pulsar 200
# channels according model
How it works - Pulsar 100, Pulsar 200
The Pulsar 100 for small companies or Pulsar 200 for medium companies combine VoIP gateway and telephone system (PBX) for a minimal budget. ISDN traffic can easily be mixed with VoIP traffic according the need of the customers.
iPline / Asterisk
 -> 16 channels
How it works - iPline / Asterisk


If your want to keep your present telephone system (PBX) and taket the advantage of peoplefone rates without to do big investment, a VoIP gateway is the optimal solution.
Patton (Smartnode)
-> 8 channels
How it works - Patton (Smartnode)
With a VoIP Gateway, you can connect your present telephone system to VoIP without to change anything. And you can mix then the ISDN traffic with the VoIP one. Many companies choose e.g. to route the outgoing calls with peoplefone and the incoming with their present provider. Peoplefone recommends Patton Smartnode gateways.


With Sofware PBX, you have access to hundreds of PBX fonctionalities at very affordable price. The only request for the company is to have a server to download the program.
3CX / Swyx / SnomOne
# channels according license
How it works - 3CX / Swyx / SnomOne
Software PBX solutions bring your all advantages of a traditionnal telephone system without its expensives costs! VoIP gateways can also be combined to ensure ISDN in case of internet problems. Peoplefone recommends you 3CX for which peoplefone is preconfigured. Swyx and SnomOne are other alternatives of software PBX.


The most classical way to install your telephone system (PBX) is still to have a hardware solution. Today almost all communication servers work both for ISDN as well for VoIP.
Aastra / Panasonic / Siemens
-> channels according license
How it works - Aastra / Panasonic / Siemens
If you have to change your telephone system and you want to acquire an hybrid solution which combines ISDN and VoIP with top fonctionalities, an hardware PBX will bring you the maximum value with all tradionnal comfort! Peoplefone recommends Aastra IntelliGate. Panasonic and Siemens are other alternatives.
Hardware PBX
-> 12 channels
How it works - Hardware PBX
Designed to support organizations with up to 24 employees, the CISCO UC320W offers business-class calling and messaging with full key system and small private branch exchange (PBX) features. The system is flexible enough to support a wide choice of Cisco SPA Series IP phones, and includes integrated wireless networking. The UC320W was designed with the small business owner in mind, providing many features.
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Especially suitable for new companies which want then to extend without additional investment, virtual PBX, also named hosted PBX or Centrex are today the most growing solutions in the business VoIP.
Peoplefone virtual PBX
Channels according to subscription
How it works - peoplefone Virtual PBX
If your goal is to get a great phone system without any hardware or software in your office, peoplefone hosted will fullfil all your expectations. And, of course, this virtual system will accompaign your growth without additionnal investment.
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