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VoIP Software

Software for internet telephony with computer

You can use peoplefone with your tablet/laptop/computer from whereever you are in the world, provided you have a good internet connection (without firewalls or blocked VoIP).

When you are abroard you can call for the same tariff as you have from Lithuania and avoid all roaming cost.

You just need to download the VoIP software on your computer and fill the SIP data from your peoplefone account and start phoning right away! Plug an USB-Phone or headset to phone more comfortably.
In just 3 steps

  1. Register for free at peoplefone
  2. Download software softphone (directly in your peoplefone account - Functions - Softphone) and fill in the SIP configuration data.
  3. Charge a first credit, plug a headset/USB-Phone on your PC and start phoning!

Free softphones

Choose your operating system and download the free softphone on your computer. The SIP configuration data you can find in your peoplefone account - Profile - Device Data.
User manual Free download

All platforms: MAC / Windows / Linux Zoiper 3, a free VoIP softphone Zoiper
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