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Member gets member

Member gets Member

Member gets member in Switzerland

Recommend peoplefone to your friends and you can profit from the following:
  • Make phone calls for free between peoplefone members
  • Your friend can also save money by phoning at low costs all over the world
  • You will get a bonus as recommendation gift

To get the bonus please send us an e-mail with the login e-mail of the recommended person. He will register for free at www.peoplefone.ch and add the first credit for conversation. You will then get a bonus of 50% of his first calling credit charged on his account until maximum 50 EUR. This amount you can use for your calls.

Example: Your friend does a first payment of 20 EUR; you get 10 EUR - as gift credited to your peoplefone account.

The bonus can only be used for calls via peoplefone. Cash payments are not possible. Cumulation with other special offers are excluded.


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