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SIP Trunk

 The VoIP connection for your PBX

Most PBXs are today VoIP compatible. Thanks to our peoplefone SIP-TRUNK, your VoIP enabled PBX will be connected to the traditional telephone network via internet with peoplefone. If your PBX is not VoIP enabled, you can connect a VoIP Gateway to your PBX or order IP licenses for your PBX.
Advantages of peoplefone SIP-TRUNK
Unlimited number of chanels (incoming and outgoing)
Certified by most pbx manufacturers
No monthly costs
Free Clip-No-Screening
Free fax2email application
Test credit for companies
Test phone numbers immediately enabled
Quick registration into peoplefone
peoplefone SIP-TRUNK
Monthly fees Eur 0,00
Setup fees Eur 0,00
Number of channels outgoing unlimited
Number of channels incoming unlimited


If you have a PBX with "SIP TRUNK" and several phone numbers and you want to display a different number per user; you can directly program it on the PBX and we need to authorise "Clip Open" on your peoplefone account. Please fill in the confirmation (only in German or French available) and send it per scan or fax back to us. 

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