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VoIP Hardware

Hardware for internet telephony without computer

You just need to plug the VoIP hardware (VoIP adaptor or IP phone) to the internet (DSL/cable) and to fill in the SIP data from your peoplefone account and you can start phoning right away!

can recomment the right hardware for you. The SIP data for the configuration of your device is in your peoplefone account Login - Profile - Device Data.
Peoplefone Box
  • VoIP adaptor preconfigurated with peoplefone (Plug and Phone)
  • WAN: Plug on modem/router. Integrated router for clients with only one internet port
  • LAN: Option to plug the computer
  • PHONE: Plug the analog telephone device (no ISDN phone!)
  • LINE: Option to plug to the telephone wall-socket for incoming call
Gigaset IP
  • VoIP and landline telephone DECT
  • Plug directly on modem/router
  • Configuration directly with the handset thanks to preconfiguration


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