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Phone numbers

Phone Numbers for your Business

IMPORTANT: When calling a number in Lithuania, even when you are in the same city, always dial 8 or +370 followed by the city code or the mobile number.

When calling a number abroad, always dial the international access symbol + of 00 before the country code and the destination number.

proposes 3 options for your business phone numbers:
OPTION 1:  Display for free your current Number

If you want to display your current when using peoplefone only for outgoing calls, you can activate this fonction for free directly on your peoplefone account.If you want that each user shows a different display (managed by your PBX), please contact us
OPTION 2: Obtain a peoplefone number

can offer you fixed line phone number with any Lithuaian prefix. The available numbers you find on the peoplefone webpage. If you do not find a number with city code you require, please contact us by e-mail [email protected], and will offer you the number with the city code you need.

You will find the expiry date of your number subscription on your account on the peoplefone webpage. 20 days before the expiry you will recieve an e-mail informing you of the upcoming expiry.

If you wish to add additional number to your subscription you can do so directly in your peoplefone account.

Prepayment for phone numbers are for half year or full year.

Peoplefone can offer you foreign numbers. You can see the prices here.

OPTION 3:  Transfer your current Number to peoplefone (porting)

If you want to tansfer your existing number to peoplefone, just download, printout and fill in the Number Transfer Document. Sign the document and send it to peoplefone by e-mail to [email protected]. or by fax to +370 5 2077801. Document can be downloaded here:

Porting procedure

After the Number Porting all outgoing and incoming calls are over internet (VoIP). You therefore need absolutely an internet connection with any internet provider. Should your internet contract be tied to a fixline phone number, you need to clarify the possibilities to keep the internet contract after the porting of the phone number.
The phone number contract will be terminated through the porting process and the phone number will be transfered to peoplefone. You do not need to contact your previous provider.

The number porting can only be done in Lithuania. The outporting of your number can be done anytime. Once the yearly fee is payed, it will not be reimbursed.

The number porting can only be done in Lithuania. The price for the ported number are shown above.
Porting Date

Your number can be ported within 5 days following the receopt of your porting document or any later date as per your request.

You may contact us for any qustion or help by e-mail to [email protected] or by phone to +370 5 2077800.


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