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How to receive incoming calls?

How to receive Incoming Calls?

  • You can receive the incoming calls from whereever you are with your VoIP-device
  • You can receive the incoming calls on different places at the same time
  • You can forward the calls easily directly on your peoplefone account
  • You can save until 80% of the connection fees monthly

The incoming calls over peoplefone pass through internet. Therefore a stable internet connection is a must.

For the phne number you pay a small  monthly fee.

More information under Phone numbers.
Incoming calls to your landline phone number and not to a peoplefone number

You can use peoplefone just for outgoing calls at very low rates and leave the traditional landline for the incoming calls. You just need to plug your VoIP-device also to the phone wall socket. You will receive as usual the incoming calls through your traditional telecom provider.  Please note that you also pay as usual the monthly connection fees to your traditional telecom provider.


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