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How does peoplefone charge?

  • The rates are defined from whereever you are to the country and the destination number you are calling  according to the Tariffs A-Z
  • When calling from a mobile phone you may incur addtional charges for your mobile internet connection from your internet provider.
  • All calls can be viewed online in your peoplefone account - call history
  • All rates are valid all day, everyday
  • All rates are in EUR with VAT
  • Billing is in minutes. Every started minute counts as a full minute
  • No connection setup fee per call
  • No charges apply to calls between members of peoplefone worldwide, regardless of the country.
  • No monthly fees (except of course for numbers you may have obtained for incoming calls)
  • No minimal contract period (except with ported numbers)
  • Price changes reserved

You can view anytime online your balance and your call and payment history. You can add funds anytime on your account (see also At home - How to pay?)
Method of Payment
  • Individual customers can fill their peoplefone account by making a prepayment via internet
  • Corporate customers may fill their peoplefone account by making a prepayment via internet or sign a service agreement with peoplefone with agreed credit and payment conditions.
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