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Number porting

Number porting

If you want to profit from the advantages of incoming calls over VoIP, you can port your number from your present provider.

You just need to fill in the porting documents, which you find on your peoplefone account (Phone Numbers- Number Porting), sign it and send the signed document to us. We will process the number porting as sonn as we have received the corresponding payment.

The porting of numbers is without cost. Costs per number or number bloc with following numbers (paid half-yearly or yearly in advance)
Porting procedure

After the Number Porting all outgoing and incoming calls are over internet (VoIP). You therefore need absolutely an internet connection with any internet provider. Should your internet contract be tied to a fixline phone number, you need to clarify the possibilities to keep the internet contract after the porting of the phone number.

The phone number contract will be terminated through the porting process and the phone number will be transfered to peoplefone. You do not need to contact your previous provider.

The number porting document must be filled in and sigend by the owner of the phone number.

The number porting can only be done in Lithuania. The outporting of your number can be done anytime. Once the yearly fee is payed, it will not be reimbursed.

Name and family name (or the name and details of the company) must be identical to the name and family (or company name) of the owner of the phone number as registered with your previous provider.

Please make sure that you don‘t have any obligations with the previous service provider.

The number porting can only be done in Lithuania.

The price for the ported number are shown above.

Porting Date

Your number can be ported within 5 days following the receopt of your porting document or any later date as per your request.

Number Porting Document

You will need to register for free at peoplefone. Go afterwards directly on your peoplefone account to Phone Numbers - Number Porting, print out the document, fill it in, sign and send to peoplefone by e-mail to [email protected] or by fax to 8 5 2077801or by regular post and make the payment.

You may contact us for any qustion or help by e-mail to [email protected] or by phone to 8 5 2077800.


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