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How to make outgoing calls?

Outgoing calls with peoplefone

With peoplefone you can just make outgoing calls, without having a telephone number. You just need to register for free at peoplefone and charge a first credit prepaid. After the installation of your VoIP hardware or software you can make outgoing calls worldwide at very low costs!
When calling to a number in Lithuania, even when you are in the same city as the called number, you need to dial either 8 or +370 followed by the city code and the number.

If you want to receive incoming calls via peoplefone you neet ot obtain a peoplefone phone number. Iincoming calls can  fo course be received as usual to your landline or mobile phone number.
Display of your telephone number

While making outgoing calls you can display/show your landline telephone number or mobile number, so the destinary does not see "anonymous". This display can be activated directly on your peoplefone account. Go to Phone numbers - Display.


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