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Telephone Conference

Telephone Conference: talk at the same time with more than one person

Would you like to make a phone call with several persons? Very easy! You decide how long you want the function to be activated and pay the function fee directly on your peoplefone account (Functions - Telephone conference).

You will then get a phone number to dial, the conference number and the conference PIN number. You inform your participants.

All participants pay to their providers for the call. There are no additional costs for them.

All peoplefone members do not pay anything as the dialing number is a peoplefone number and they phone from peoplefone to peoplefone.


Duration up to 20 participants
6 months 1,74 EUR
12 months 2,90 EUR
Peoplefone customers free
Other pericipants as call to fixed line


smart foreash ccms6
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