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Many Features with peoplefone

offers you plenty of features that can be directely managed from your peoplefone account:
Call Forwarding

You can activate the call forwarding function directly on your peoplefone account, when you are not reachable, cannot answer the call, are on the phone.
For forwarded calls the charge is 0,03 EUR (incl. VAT) per minute if the call is forwarded to a landline number and 0,07 EUR (incl.VAT) per minute if the call is forwarded to a mobile number.

You can activate the voicemail function directly on your peoplefone account. You then receive an e-mail with the attached message file. This function is free of charge.
Should you want a voicemail with more functions, please use a VoIP device with integrated voicemail like e.g. Gigaset C 610 A IP, FRITZ!Box, etc.
Preselect (Call through)

This function can be used with any telephone device or mobile type with just dialing a preselect phone number before the destination number.

The preselect number will be charged by the provider based on your selected plan. The destination number will be charged to your peoplefone account. Should you have a flat fee arrangement with your provider  you will only incur the cost of the call to your destinatnion number. More at Mobile - Preselect.



You can use peoplefone from everywhere also with your laptop, tablet etc - especially abroad, when you are connected to the Internet. To all countries you can call at the same tariff as ir were in Lithuania.

You just need to download the softphone directly through your peoplefone account and fill in the SIP data and you can phone with your computer, tablet etc.  As accessories we recommend a USB-Phone or a headset.

More at At home - VoIP Software for PC

Fax: send and receive

If you have a normal fax device, you can plug your fax to a VoIP adaptor and send/receive fax over internet.

But, should you send/receive a lot of pages daily, we recommend you to use a traditional fixline, as the fax-transmission over internet is not 100% guaranteed.

Fax transmissions are invoice at same price as calls.


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