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How it works?

Internet telephony (VoIP) in only 3 steps!

You need an internet connection (ADSL/VDSL/cable).
  1. You register for free on the peoplefone homepage.
  2. You plug your VoIP Hardware to your internet or you download the VoIP Software on your computer or mobile/smartphone/tablet and fill in your peoplefone SIP configuration data.
  3. You trasnfer a first credit prepaid on your peoplefone account.

And you can make phone calls at very low costs worldwide!
You do not sign a contract nor have monthly fees nor connection fees.


You register with the peoplefone box (preconfigurated VoIP adaptor).
You plug the box in your internet modem. You plug an analog phone to your box. And you can start making outgoing calls whereever you want with peoplefone!
How it works - peoplefone-box

You can receive the incoming calls as usual from your traditional operator. You just need to plug a cable between the box and the telephone wall socket.


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