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How to pay?

Prepaid Solution

If your company has low telephone cost, you may choose the prepaid payment system and can benefit from the following advantages:
  1. No need for an agreement with peoplefone.
  2. Easy payment through electronic banking.
  3. Online check of your call history balance,and payment history.
  4. Setup of reminder e-mails when your balance gets below a defined amount..
  5. Automatic creation of invoices for all paid amounts in PDF format.

Postpaid Solution
  1. Agreement between client and  peoplefone.
  2. Paymsnt terms: 30 days from date of invoice.
  3. VAT invoice is sent out by e-mail in PDF format at the beginning of each for the services provided during the previous month.
  4. Online check of your call history balance,and payment history.

If you wish to select this postpaid solution, please contact us by e-mail pardavimai@peoplefone.lt or by
phone 8 5 2077800.

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