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Headset Gigaset ZX400 (ZX410)

Headset Gigaset ZX400 (ZX410)

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The convenient corded headset Gigaset ZX400 (ZX410) with clear sound quality for comfortable multi-tasking
The workday is filled with multi-tasked activities. Simplify your office life with the Gigaset ZX400, the corded headset for professional flexibility enabled by hands-free talking. This practical accessory fits into all 2.5 mm jacks, and its adjustable headband allows you to find the perfect size for maximum wearing comfort. The Gigaset ZX400 also ensures that every call will reach you with clear sound quality.

If you’d like to add professional flexibility to your workday, the Gigaset ZX400 is the corded headset for you. Easy setup, clear sound, and calling comfort. The Gigaset ZX400 features an easy plug and play setup, which allows you to start enjoying the convenience of hands-free conversation quickly and easily. It fits into all 2.5 mm jacks, giving it a high level of compatibility. The headset is made for comfort, with its adjustable metal headband that allows you to find the best fit. The earpiece can be worn either on the right or left, depending on your personal preference. Last but certainly not least, the Gigaset ZX400 ensures clear sound quality with every call.

The Gigaset ZX400 is the corded headset that gives professionals the convenience of hands-free telephony for their multi-tasking needs.

Professional mobility:
  • Clear sound quality
  • Fits into all 2.5 mm jacks
  • Adjustable headband


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