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How to call?

How to make a call?

With peoplefone you can make outgoing calls, without having a telephone number. You just need to register for free at peoplefone and transfer some amount to your peoplefone account. After the installation of your VoIP software you can make outgoing calls worldwide at very low costs!

To make calls with peoplefone you do not need a separate SIM card or additional phone. By choosing a contact from your address book or dialing a number directly on your phone all you need is to choose to make your call via peoplefone.

Making outgoing calls with WiFi you just pay the minutes to peoplefone. Especially abroad you therefore avoid the huge roaming costs!

Making outgoing calls with 3G you pay the minutes to peoplefone and the internet consumption to your mobile operator. Please note that abroad the internet consumption is charged with roaming costs also!

When you have both options (WiFi and 3G) we recommend to use WiFi, which is not only the cheaper solution, but usually also provides  the more stable solution than 3G


When calling a number in Lithuania, even if you are located in the same city, always use the prefix 8 or +370.

Even when you have no mobile phone, you can use the peoplefone services by using the preselect option. See. Calling with preselect option.
Display of your telephone number

While making outgoing calls you can display/show your landline telephone number or mobile number, so the destinary does not see "anonymous". This display can be activated directly on your peoplefone account. Go to Phone numbers - Display.

For the preselect function, your mobile number is automatically displayed.


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