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Peoplefoning at very low costs: from on the road without internet!

With any mobile type
you can phone from on the road within Lithuania without internet with the preselect function! You just need the following:
  1. Register with peoplefone.
  2. On your peoplefone account - Functions - Preselect save the mobile number, that you will use for this function.
  3. Choose the "Preselect Number" always before the destination number.
How to make a call

  1. Dial 852077808 (or +37052077808)
  2. When you hear the continous signal tone, dial the number you want to call including the country code preceded by + or 00 (e.g. for calling a number in Switzerland: +41xxxxxxxx) or 0041xxxxxxxxx).
  3. Wait for the connection to be made

How to make a call with the „pause“ symbol

If you want to enter the above combination in one step, use the "pause“ symbol:
  1. Dial 852077808 (or +37052077808)
  2. Dial the „pause“ symbol
  3. Dial the numer you want to call with the international prefix (e.g. for a call to Switzerland: +41xxxxxxx or 0041xxxxxx).
  4. Dial the call button on your mobile phone

How to dial the pause symbol?
Mobile Phone Model Symbol Method of dialling
Nokia/Symbian OS  p Push the * button three times
Sony Ericsson/Samsung/Motorola p Keep the * button pushed
HTC/Windows Mobile p Dial the * button two times
Siemens + Keep the 0 button pushed
iPhone/Android , Keep the * button pushed


Make a call to Switzerland:
  1. Dial the peoplefone prefix number 852077808
  2. When you hear the tone dial the desired international number with the international code: +41xxxxxxxx or 0041xxxxxx


dial on the phone 852077808, then the „Pause“ symbol, then 0041xxxxxxx and push the „call“ button.  You may also save these number with the „Pause“ symbol between the two numbers.

  1. peoplefone cost are as per the applicable rates (Rates A – Z)
  2. You pay to your mobile provider the costs of a call to the preselect number in accordance with your plan for calls to other networks.

This service  is only useful for phoning from within Lithuania to a foreign country!

Please note:
should you be travelling abroad, you would pay high roaming costs (preselect number is like a Lithuanian fixnet number with roaming)!


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