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Virtual Fax user manual

  1. Login to Peoplefone;
  2. Select „Functions“ and press „Virtual Fax“;
  3. Select SIP line with you use for fax. Enter your email address, password and press „Save“;                         
  4. Press „Convert SIP Line“ use the SIP line with you configuration, second time enter an email address and press „Convert“.


Send an e-mail
Open a new email and make sure that the sender corresponds with the given e-mail address
Fill out the following fields:
  1. From: write your email address
  2. To/An: Write the fax number and @p-fax.lt
  3. Cc/Bcc: These fields aren't considered
  4. Subject/Betreff: Write here your own password
  5. Text and attachment: You can now write an e-mail text and attach the pdf-files you want to fax. You can send multiple faxes. The limit is 20 megabytes per file and there is a maximum of 30 megabytes per e-mail.
  6. Send: You will receive a confirmation e-mail of the fax shipment with the recipient number, day and time and a PDF of the sent file as an attachment after more or less 10 minutes. (Note: The time it takes depends on the transmission time)
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